Will Drafting Service

Making a Will is similar in some ways to taking out life insurance and just as important. Both have to do with making sure that your loved ones are adequately provided for after your death.

Life insurance is about your death creating a sum of money to provide a one-off payment, or a regular income to benefit your next of kin; making a will is about making sure that the money and assets you already have are not lost or squandered, or paid to people other than those you wish to benefit.

Making a Will is so much cheaper than taking out life insurance, often no more than £50, yet the number of people who have made a will is only a fraction of those who have life insurance. It doesn’t make sense, does it?

If you don’t make a will the law decides what happens to your money and other assets. It is entirely possible that what the law says is what you would have wanted for your assets in any case, but in the vast majority of cases this will not happen, and it will be too late too do anything about it by then!!

But the reasons for making a will are not limited to making sure those whom you wish to benefit from your estate actually do so. Other benefits are as follows;- Contact us now for more information: 020 7854 221

Tax Saving - with rising property values more and more people are finding that if they add everything up their total assets are above the threshold at which Inheritance Tax comes into play; in a surprisingly large number of cases, a properly structured will can save thousands of pounds. The Chancellor gets quite enough of our hard-earned cash already; don’t let him get any more if you can help it!

Versatility - the law is totally rigid; without a will the law at the date of your death will govern what happens to your assets. Having made a Will to suit your present circumstances at that time, you will undoubtedly find a few years or possibly only a few months on, that things have changed. You get married, have children, find a new partner, or split up from an old one, friendships come and go, relatives pass on, you win the lottery…… All and any of these could be a reason to rethink things.

Executors and guardians, trusts for children - a will also gives you the opportunity to dictate to a certain extent how your money will be used for the longer term future, who will manage your money, and how your children will be provided for after you are no longer around to manage things yourself. Surely it is better to have someone you know and trust to look after things after you are gone, than someone decided by the laws of intestacy, which apply where no will has been made.

Given the benefits possible, making a Will is about the best value for money you can ever hope to find. We at Alan Blok Solicitor have many years of experience in will drafting to suit every possible situation, and will happily advise you on every aspect of the process, whilst at the same time keeping the jargon to a minimum. Don’t put it off until tomorrow; tomorrow may never come!