Boxing And How To Bet On It

Boxing had suffered a decline in popularity and only picked up in recent years. The golden era of the 80’s and 90’s began to be shoved aside with the introduction of new combat sports, mainly Mixed Martial Arts. However intriguing match ups in the last few years has seen resurgence in fame for the sport and it has kept rolling since.

A Brief Overview

The most famous sports personality in the world during the 60’s can be traced back to Muhammad Ali. It was his iconic battles in and out of the ring that gained him popularity, respect and worldwide recognition for what he stood for. He shed more light on the sport of boxing as well as gave it a new identity: no longer was boxing just brawn. He had a mouth on him that was as confidence shattering as it was eloquent, as he often used it to break his opponents down mentally but also for the entertainment of the fans.

Fast-forward two decades or so and boxing peaked with the debut of Mike Tyson – a ferocious Bronx boxer who went on to become the youngest Heavyweight champion to ever do it. Of course, there are many other noteworthy fighters that have come and gone since, however few matched the large personalities of these two Heavyweight fighters. They fought to win, but always gave the crowd something more to see and talk about.

Nowadays, the Heavyweight division is still the most popular division across all weight classes. The enormity of these boxers and the punching power they display, leave the common man in awe and it is our attraction to power, that continues to fuel this division. Arguably, the lower classes many times are more skilled, faster paced, and still produce legendary fights still spoken of today. Sugar Ray Robinson is arguably the best pound for pound boxer that’s ever lived, and he competed lightweight, welterweight, middleweight and light heavyweight divisions.

Betting on Boxing

So how does one go about betting on the sport of boxing? Firstly, you need to research. It is not fathomable to watch decades of boxing matchups or even to watch those of a single boxer. However, the more of it you do, the more likely you are to identify styles, patterns, shortcomings and strengths. This alone will give you an edge as the data you gather can shed light on a good value bet that ultimately might have been looked past.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, we generally recommend favourites as the more consistent win. Firstly, they are favourites for a reason; bookmakers will give themselves the best chance possible whilst remaining attractive to the punter. In this case, you might wish to look for other markets within the fight that leave for more room to find good value. Winner by round, Winner via KO/TKO, Amount of Knockdowns in a Fight are just an example of the other markets you can place bets on which can turn out to be even more thrilling that just the Outright Winner market.